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About our Discovery Session

During this 25 minute session, we'll get clear on your goals, the necessary changes and how to get better results with ease and confidence. We can also explore if coaching is a good fit.

And CONGRATS on taking the next step in moving you forward and achieving your goals! I’ve helped thousands of women and entrepreneurs over the last 20 years, and know that taking inspired and intentional action on a regular basis is what leads to clarity, progress and success in life and business. But don't just take it from me, you can check-out some client testimonials and impact below. Looking forward to connecting!

"Connecting with Elizabeth has been so wonderful. I feel an energetic shift that's allowing me to open to abundance and Elizabeth helps me to believe that I'm deserving of the life that I want. Within 1 month of working together, I've INCREASED MY RATES (I started charging 2x & 3x more), with 95% of my clients making the transition, and have also ATTRACTED 5 NEW HIGH PAYING CLIENTS! I am so very grateful. I also feel like I understand how to organize the back end of my BUSINESS IN AN OPTIMAL WAY and setting up this foundation wouldn't have been possible without her guidance! Looking forward to the rest of our work together, and to continued growth!!"

Krista Quinn
Yoga & Movement Therapist


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Business Coach | Life Coach | Mindset Coach

Are you in need of some serious changes?
I'll help you get clear on what's possible for your life and business + what you need to do to make it happen.

Working with an experienced Business Coach and Certified Mindset Coach, will successfully move you forward. You can check-out some of the transformation and results my clients have gotten below.

So, ditch the overwhelm, struggle and uncertainty with coaching that provides you with the right mindset, skills and strategies for bigger impact, income and success!

"I've had Elizabeth as a business coach over the last 6 months as my start-up went from having just 1 client to being booked solid. Her advice's been invaluable. She's always there to bring me insight on what REAL problem I need to solve right now and proposing a variety of alternative solutions. I'm looking forward to my next session already!"

Rachel Bachmann
IT Software Expert & University Instructor

"Elizabeth is an incredible high-performance coach. She guides you to an upper-level perspective, enthusiastic vision, self confidence, and inner knowledge, transforming people and leading them to be motivated to embrace new challenges! She is passionate about results! During our sessions, she brought her unique energy, optimism and tireless creativity. For anyone looking for a real change, she has my highest endorsement as a qualified professional in her field. "

Corporate Trainer

"Elizabeth is a unique gem of a coach. She is so generous in spirit and I feel so encouraged and supported. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge (like gold!) and shares it with such speed and succinctness that has yet to be matched by anyone I have ever met. She was so patient with me and gave me so many great tools and ideas… If you are looking to create success, hold onto your seat because this woman will rock your business world. "

Margret Cheryl
Life Coach & Educator

"Elizabeth has been transformative in helping me get my business from a dream, into something that is sustainable and growing long term. With each meeting she’s given me practical advice for each step of my path, new ideas, support and encouragement on a personal and professional level. Without her guidance, I’d be missing not only solid business fundamentals but tactics that work in the real world to build a strong business. "

Rachel Beaney
Social Media Strategist & Consultant

"Meeting Elizabeth at the time that I did was meant to be. I love her personalized approach - she chose the right tools and techniques to guide me through these tough months after losing my job. Our coaching sessions helped me UNLOCK THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF, brought down the walls that I had created on the path to success and happiness, as well as HELPED ME LAND MY GREAT JOB (that not only hit my target salary but most importantly really lines up with creating the type of career and impact I want to have). If you're thinking of starting coaching, DON'T OVERTHINK IT, JUST GO FOR IT - you'll thank yourself after! I know I did, many times over! "

Anju Suddul
Partnership Manger

"Having Elizabeth as a coach was one of the BEST DECISIONS I have made in my life. Indeed she was my first mindset coach and thanks to her business experience she also gave me valuable coaching for my business. Always ready to help, she had a big part in my transformation in 2019! "

Fatima-Zohra Khechai
Branding Consultant

A little more client love…

about our life and business coaching together:

“Having Elizabeth as a coach was one of the best decisions I have made in my life - she had a big part in my transformation in 2019!”

“Elizabeth has been a business coach of mine since Day 1 of my beginning my small business, and I cannot recommend her enough!! Her sincere interest in helping her clients succeed, combined with the incredible wealth of knowledge she possesses, plus the way she provides really interesting and creative solutions to any number of challenges start-ups face as the go along -- Elizabeth is THE triple threat of coaching. Thank you Elizabeth You rock!”

“Elizabeth is an incredible high-performance coach, always fostering positive and inspirational discussions! As a mentor, she guides her mentees to an upper-level life perspective, enthusiastic vision, self-confidence, and inner knowledge, transforming people and leading them to be motivated to embrace new challenges! She is passionate about results! During our sessions, she brought her unique energy, optimism, tireless creativity and for anyone looking for a real change, she has my highest endorsement as a qualified professional in her field.”

"Beyond-amazing coaching skills and authentic leadership, I have been able to turn my dream project into a business. Her insightful business tips combined with her life coaching lessons helped me enormously handle uncertainty, risk, and self-doubt while taking the crucial steps”.

“Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping me keep my eyes on my big goals. I felt empowered, enthusiastic and fearless… With Elizabeth’s coaching, I smashed through barriers that were holding me back. In a relatively short time, I developed the know-how and courage to launch my business. Will has been an unbelievably powerful resource for me!”

“She is a fantastic business coach, with an amazing can do attitude that keeps you motivated and inspired. She consistently provides practical business advice and has helped me problem solve in a way that breaks it down to simple actionable steps. She's highly supportive, extremely kind-hearted and has consistently brought value”.

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