Case Studies & Interviews

Here’s what happened with these women within a short period of time 

 When Heather, a past event attendee aligned with her potential, dreams and BIG goals: 

She launched her dream business, quit the old low-paying job she'd been stuck at for 15 years, secured 5 clients and 4x her income (which also freed up more time to spend with her family). 


Another woman, Gigi, who’d been getting great results for her employer for many years, but had a burning desire to work for herself, move to the countryside + work online: 

Left her job, launched her 1st business, secured a multiple 5-figure clients with 2 weeks, moved to the countryside, started working remotely (including with her first team member) and is now excited about her days, business and life! 


Marlene, who’d been stuck in the same annual income band of approx. 35K for too many years despite over-delivering and being a kick a** expert in her field. From the get-go I made her identify financial goals which included her target of doubling her revenue that year (which she later confessed made her feel really shaky and overwhelmed).    

We then moved forward with creating a game plan that was aligned with her potential and what's possible for her in her business (yes, even during a pandemic).   

After she achieved her initial goal within approx. 9 months, since there were still a few months left before the end of the year, we even threw in a "stretch goal" for Q4 which had her building out a team. The short 'n' sweet outcome:  she nearly tripled her income for the year (almost hitting 6 figures by end of year), bought her first home, was booked out to the following year with clients and contracts + also established herself as a leader in her field!  


For insider info and details about how these lovely ladies made big exciting shifts in their business, finances, mindset and lifestyle, you can check out these interviews


Krista Quinn

Yoga & Movement Therapist

"Connecting with Elizabeth has been so wonderful.  I feel an energetic shift that's allowing me to open to abundance and Elizabeth helps me to believe that I'm deserving of the life that I want.  Within 1 MONTH of working together, I've increased my rates (I started charging 2x & 3x more), with 95% of my clients making the transition, and have also attracted 5 NEW high paying CLIENTS!  I am so very grateful.  I also feel like I understand how to organize the back end of my BUSINESS IN AN OPTIMAL WAY and setting up this foundation wouldn't have been possible without her guidance! Looking forward to the rest of our work together, and to continued growth!!!"


Shantell Stillwater

How Shantell doubled her income in  just 3 months… 

When she decided to get SERIOUS about making some BIG, beautiful business and life changes, she went all-in on the coaching + her goals, did the work, followed a proven system and got fantastic results

She wanted to double her income and set the initial income goal of 250K+ in 12 months. By staying on track with applying what she was learning, she didn't have to wait the whole year - she doubled her income in only 3 months! And now that 20k+ is her new monthly norm, we’ve moved onto working on and manifesting even bigger, more aligned goals.

But it wasn't just about the money… in addition to realizing her business goals, she also created more happiness, mindfulness and loving relationships in her life. Check 🎯 Check 🎯 Check 🎯 You can catch the jubilant goals update in this 5-minute video snippet from one of our Business Fast-track Formula (BFF) group coaching sessions.

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I’d come to a crossroads in my life that had really brought me down and therapy wasn't as helpful as I hoped nor the type of growth I needed and was looking for. So, I sought out something to help me fulfill my life in other ways… but I knew first I needed to focus on myself before I could feel completely happy again. Someone mentioned life coaching and having been intrigued with it in the past, I googled life coach. 

Elizabeth pulled up amongst others. I scrolled and read for hours only to find Elizabeth was in-tune with an idea I had for my growth and business but didn’t know how to achieve. At the time, I didn't even really know exactly what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to focus on principles I’d picked up on in the past from other very successful people and books, but I didn't know how to reapply them.

After working with her in just a short period, she not only helped me to realize my self worth but also my full potential. After just 3 months of applying everything, I doubled my income and feel like my happy self again!

She helped me to become clearer on my business and personal goals, as well as learn more about how I react to things and how to reprogram the negative self talk or actions we sometimes all fall victim to.

Each new lesson was the solidification I needed to be able to establish more for myself. They helped me gain so much self clarity on top of achieving goals I never felt was possible to accomplish. The best part is she provides access to tools to use for the rest of your life so you can turn back to them at anytime. 

She’s not only helped me get clearer on my purpose,  but also to conquer my internal mental blocks that kept getting in my way from my higher self worth. 

If you’re ready for change in your own life, I highly recommend Elizabeth. She’s amazing at helping you to grow into you higher, better self!”  -Shantell Stillwell

Brooke Sefton

Brooke turns her 5 year dream into a reality within 10 weeks!

"Before our coaching, I’d have a lot of dreams and wants but struggled to make the plans concrete and take real steps towards. Now, I feel more able to sit down and call my dreams plans rather than wishes. My biggest win so far has been moving to Hawaii!! This had been a lifelong goal which I achieved within 10 weeks of working with Elizabeth. The sessions have also taught me to become more aware of limiting mental patterns. I trust myself deeper and make my decisions more based on why I will succeed rather than why I will fail. Without self trust and belief, this wouldn’t have happened! I’m eternally grateful for what we have developed together so far.”